Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trust your subconscious.

... I discovered that if I trusted my subconscious, or imagination, whatever you want to call it, and if I made the characters as real and honest as I could, then no matter how complex the pattern being woven, my subconscious would find ways to tie it together -- often doing things far more complicated and sophisticated than I could with brute conscious effort. I would have ideas for 'nodes', as I think of them -- story or character details that have lots of potential connections to other such nodes -- and even though I didn't quite understand, I would plunk them in. Two hundred pages later, everything would back-fit, and I'd say, "Ah, that's why I wrote that."

Daily inspirational quotes will be posted here through the rest of November. KEEP WRITING.

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  1. Interesting analysis. It makes sense, though I'm not sure that I've ever thought of writing in this way.

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