Thursday, June 18, 2009

In Name Only (working title)

This is the lovely mock-up cover that a friend made for me, for the manuscript of my first novel. Of course, when submitting to literary agents, I would never dream of sending out a bound copy, but it's pretty awesome to celebrate the accomplishment of finishing a novel by getting a few copies printed at -- they're cheap, they're a great way to do a final proofread (there was a huge mistake in the first 10 pages that I'd repeatedly missed when reading on standard 8 1/2 x 11" printouts), and it's really nice to be able to hand off something bookshelf-friendly to any close friends or family who supported you in your creative endeavors.

Of course, I have made the reading of these "advance copies" conditional; readers must promise to attend any future book signings/readings so that I'm never standing behind a podium in front of row after row of empty chairs. Yikes.

Plus, note the rave reviews on the back from the New York Times and the New Yorker! Carolyn See is a believer in the power of positive thinking, and so am I.

Recommended reading: Carolyn See's Making a Literary Life


  1. There are bound copies? I want a bound a copy and I'm absolutely willing to go to all publicity events - plus I'll roam around the area whacking people on the head and dragging them to your event by their hair. Although that may ultimately damage your reputation...

  2. true story! one time i gave a reading organized by the NYRSF and afterwards sarah and i had to walk a mostly-blind and mostly-helpless man in the audience home most of the way north-west across manhattan because everyone else who actually knew who he was had legged it while he was distracted because it turned out he had incredibly terrible breath and also he was mad

    something to look forward to there

  3. Damage to my reputation will be totally irrelevant if those head-bonked people buy copies of my book while mid-concussion. Similarly, I will try to publicize any similar rescues of blind-and-helpless audience members in order to garner more press and sales. "Hero debut author says, His breath wasn't so bad, and he bought a copy of my novel from an independent bookstore that reports to BookScan. More on Page 6."

    The last bound copy is in fact currently on hold for Sarah in Boston, and must be retrieved in person.

  4. Eeee! I feel so special.