Monday, May 10, 2010

Do The Write Thing For Nashville

Okay, does everyone know about the Do The Write Thing For Nashville auction yet? I really should have blogged about it earlier, but it's still going on so... better late than never!

Click on the link for details, but the basics are that new items go up each day, and items are available for bidding for THREE DAYS, with auctions closing at midnight central time on the third day. Day Three/May 8 items are still up for bid until midnight tonight, Day Four/May 9 items are good until tomorrow midnight, and new items are going up today (indeed, I think I read something about TEN DAYS of auction items, but I'm not totally sure).

Items include signed books and author swag, jewelry, phone calls with agents, critiques of queries and/or pages... but I have been most impressed by the FULL MANUSCRIPT CRITIQUES up for bid. Full MS. Take a moment. This is such a rare and magical thing.

For Young Adult writers:
From Lauren MacLeod, agent at The Strothman Agency: One full young adult manuscript critique, no more that 100k words. Day 3, Item 7 (ending tonight)

For speculative fiction writers:
Russell Davis, author, editor, packager, and President of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, will read (1) complete novel manuscript and reply with a detailed editorial letter in response. In addition, Russell will do a detailed line edit on the first three (3) chapters. Lastly, he will do a phone call with the person, after they've had a chance to look everything over, to answer any questions. Day 4, Item 13.

For writers of YA and adult fiction: fantasy, science fiction, paranormal and romance (the auction listing didn't specify any genre, but I looked the agent up online and so should you):
From agent Suzie Townsend of FinePrint Literary, who kicked off her career with a bang when she sold her first book in an auction, a thirty minute phone call... If bidding reaches $600 [it has!], she will critique AND write an editorial letter for a FULL manuscript. Day 3, Item 13 (ending tonight)

For the fearless:
From super agent Janet Reid, a thirty-minute manuscript consultation via telephone. The auction winner will send a completed MS by email for Ms. Reid to read before consultation. Day 4, Item 9

Now, keep in mind that there are many other hot items, including 50-page crits with other agents/editors (who might be better fits for your writing, do your homework), or perhaps a 5-DAY VACATION at the ranch of awesome author Kari Lynn Dell (that listing should go up today, in the meantime I'm linking to her blog), or perhaps an ARC of my nemesis' forthcoming first novel, NUMB (yes, buy the book on auction, that won't help his BookScan numbers one bit, BWAhahahahaha!!!)...

Go bid on something. Or just donate. It's awesome either way.

ETA: a new auction item is up for another FULL MS crit from former slush-reader and soon-to-be-published author Jodi Meadows! And an agent who is closed to submissions will accept queries from anyone who bids (win or lose) on her 50-page crit auction item! Amazing stuff, people. Please check it out.


  1. There is some cool stuff over there. I'm still waiting for the thing that shouts "BID ON ME!!!"

  2. Sean: Aw, you always know just what to say.

    Natalie: At those prices, I don't blame you!