Friday, May 28, 2010

What keeps you going?

Where are you in the writing process? Drafting your first novel? Finished with one or more, and trying to write the next one? Querying and unagented? Agented but on submission? Got one book deal, hoping to get another? Got a book deal that's still ongoing and trying to meet your deadlines? I know each of these stages is exciting yet filled with anxiety, doubt, and stress. So.




    The certain knowledge that I will look like an idiot if I don't get this book finished?

  2. I am working on novel #5, unagented, unpublished. What keeps me going is simply the urge to tell the story I see playing out my mind. (Hmmm. My lead character looks much like Jared Padelecki)

    Other things, like the hope others will love my story as much as I do, MS requests, representation, even book deals... all just icing on the cake after the euphoria of capturing a story swirling in my head and preserving it.

    I just got a chill!

  3. I'm staggering toward the end of what I'm hoping with be my fourth book. As for what keeps me going? Fear of sharks.

  4. What keeps me going?

    Knowing that when I am famous I will get to sleep with lots of hot celebrities.

    I am finally finishing the first draft of a YA sci-fi novel I've been working on for two years. I think I'll be done within the week. I am so excited. (right now it's the "omg I'm almost done!" feeling that's keeping me going.) (that and the celebrity sex.)

  5. Nobody told me about this hot celebrity sex thing. I need to get back to work!

  6. Novel 1: Queried and trunked.
    Novel 2: Being queried.
    Novel 3: Being written.

    Status: Unagented.
    Motivation: Total insanity. People who like what I write. Hopefully the latter are not imaginary products of the former.

  7. Unagented (though an awesome agent is helping me with revisions, and I'd love to sign with him!) What keeps me going? Someone asked me once what my dream job was, and I answered without a second of hesitation, "Writing." So I'll keep doing that as long as it takes.

  8. Six books with a publisher, trying to get my butt in gear to write another non-fiction that's due in a couple months. At the moment, only what little remains of my chaotic routine is keeping me going, though.

  9. It's the people. They're in my head. They won't SHUT UP until I let them out.

    But the hot celebrity sex thing has potential, too.

  10. Simultaneously first drafting something and editing something else. I'm very happy with this.

    Right now, I'm powering forward on the fun of working with a new idea. :)

  11. Art. Pretty much just art, in all its myriad forms. It's its own reason to go on, despite the odds. It's just that important.

    (I'm in a bit of an artistic haze at the moment, since my piano concerto experience this past weekend. Sorry.)

  12. You're talking about this as if I have a choice.