Friday, December 10, 2010

Can't... stop... laughing...

My favorite line... "So, do you think that being able to read and write your native language makes you qualified to write a novel?" (Sue Williams and I were talking about exactly this over the weekend. Yes. Yes, some people really think that.)


  1. It's f fine line between comedy and tragedy if you relate to both of these speakers, as I do.

    Barbara (the Eeyore of Grub)

  2. Hi Carrie,

    I'm the author of the video, and I thank you for posting it. Glad you liked it!

    I see that you're a lawyer as well (as am I).
    You might also like my "So You Want to Go to Law School", which I wrote a month or so before "So You Want to Write a Novel."

  3. I love how the conversation isn't over until she says she's going for her gun!

    Obliviousness is a necessary element for this to work. It isn't hope. Hope has to actually base itself on substance, and it inspires effort, not stupidity and laziness.

    Great video!

  4. Hilarious!!! Especially given the conversation you mention...

    Thanks for posting, Carrie.

  5. Absolutely fantastic!!! *keeps chuckling*

  6. Loved that video a ton! I couldn't be as patient as the brown bear.