Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You say it's your birthday

Hooray! I'm so glad to see you! Did you come back for my party? We'll be posting photos of ourselves at age sixteen, talking about the good old days... or maybe chatting about how we would rather die than be 16 again and how we in fact have very high hopes for age 37... or is that just me?

So, did you bring your photo? It's okay if you didn't, but if you did, I've created a Shutterfly account JUST FOR US to use today: of course, if you want to post your photo on your own blog, or in an existing online photo album, and then put the link in the comments, that's totally fine. But, if you don't have any place like that already set up, you can just log in to Shutterfly using the email [deleted for security]. I've already got a few photos in there just for this "event."

Now, before you see my sixteen-year-old photo, here are a few disclaimers:
  1. Turns out, we actually can't confirm my age in these photos. Sorry about that. I might be 17 in these. And the ones with short hair in the Shutterfly album might be from when I was as young as 15. Close enough, right?

  2. My mom took these photos.

  3. Some of you may remember that I used to be a child actor. Accordingly, these photos are actually part of a series of headshots my mom took for me to use professionally.

  4. My mom was semi-professional. These disclaimers are actually not to explain why the photos look bad. They're to explain why the photos look good.

Yes, yes, there are dozens of high school photos where I look like crap. There were ill-advised haircuts. There's that charming group photo in my high school year book where I didn't realize that my shirt was basically see-through with the light behind me... and there's nothing to see. There are the photos where I've tilted my head down and given myself a double-chin. But it's my birthday. I feel like looking good today.

This may be my favorite photo taken of me, ever. Would it be wrong to use it as my author photo, given that it's two decades out-of-date?

Okay! Wish me a happy birthday! Post photos! I'm off to find myself some cake.


  1. You look great! The short-haired ones, too.

    I looked up photos of myself at 16, but the only one I liked had me wearing a winter hat and ski goggles.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Much cake and many books to you!

  2. HAAAAAAPPPPPPYYYYYY BIRRRRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think you look great and even looked great in yesterday's bed-head pic!

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Hahaa! I'm playing. Because I can. Happy birthday, Carrie!



  5. OK. I added some ancient pics to the Shutterfly site. There is one of 2 girls; that's me with my baby sister, Lori. There is a wedding picture. That's me at age 19. Lori was 16. There is another shot of me sitting on my boyfriend's lap (now my husband). I was 15 when it was taken.

    You may now commence laughing at the big hair.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! What a goddess you were at 16/17! (Bet you still are...) Thought I'd play along, so here's a pic of me at the tender age of 16:
    Click HERE, but don't laugh!

    Have a fantastic birthday!

  7. I would NEVER laugh about big hair. I might, however, have a little giggle about the bridesmaid's hat...

    THANK YOU, Simon & Patty, these are excellent.

  8. Nicole, I think you're giving me a run for my money in the 16-yo-goddess department, you look fabulous!

  9. You look lovely. I still like your bangs now.

    Happy birthday!

  10. Phew! (I still have the bangs,)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone, photo or no photo!

  11. This is fabulous! Happy birthday, my dear!

    I'll have to email my mom and see if she can dig up a 16yo pic of me.


  12. Happy Birthday! That's a super picture! I totally didn't look that great at sixteen :)

  13. Happy birthday to you!
    I may post a picture of myself...if I'm not too embarrassed by my 16 year-old self's super long pony tail.

  14. Couldn't get into Shutterfly. No matter. I was invisible when I was 16.

    In both these photos here you look like you're up to something.

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy the anniversary of your birth and whatever other auspicious event occurs for you this day!

  15. My CP Simon said to come wish you Happy Birthday (and follow) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY (capitalization doesn't really make up for tardiness)! I'm now your newest follower.

    Nice ta meet ya!

  16. I have to agree the second one is beyond gorgeous. <3!

  17. Welcome, Matthew! And thank you, everyone. REALLY.

  18. yay! Happy birthday Carrie! And you are gorgeous now and then!


  20. I'm late but Happy Birthday anyway. I added the only photo that I have in my possession of me at about 4 months prior to my 16th birthday. My mother has lots of photos I guess, but I don't. This is a publicity photo (duh)--I'm the guy in the middle in the back about to bonk my dad on the head.

    Tossing It Out

  21. Lee, that photo is beyond awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Simon sent me over. I say you should totally use that fav as your author photo. People do it all the time on internet dating sites, why can't we?


  23. Haha, I remember that girl! :) Great photos.

  24. I remember you from Santa Claus The Movie. I was a kid then myself and was quite smitten with you. It is Christmas and I was waxing nostalgic and watching Santa Claus with my kids and wondered what you were doing now. It was good to see you I wish you well in all that you do. God Bless.