Thursday, October 8, 2009

Author Publicity: What do you want to know?

Okay, so from the comments on Tuesday's post about book publicity it sounds like most (but not all!) of you tend to be interested in gleaning more information about the author of books you like rather than in following additional story content through blog or other internet forms.

So, what do you want to know about an author? Naturally, we want to know if the author has more amazing books we can read... but let's say that the author is a debut novelist. If there are no other books (yet!), what else would you want to know?

And, separate from that hypothetical question... is there anything y'all want to know about me? Ask away! Extra points are given for ridiculous questions, and I reserve the right to simply make crap up if you ask a question that I can't or don't feel like answering.

Tomorrow: everything you want to know will be revealed

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  1. I think what would prompt me to check out an author's site/blog would be if I really like their writing style and find them entertaining - so I'd hope to get more of that - voice and humor - via whatever topic they feel like writing about.

    Question for YOU: If you were a book character (outside of your own), who would you be?

    I was once asked that in an interview and I totally froze. The only answer I could come up with was Esther from The Bell Jar, which I didn't think would reflect well on my mental stability... so I never answered. And didn't get the job.

  2. Can you roll your tongue? I completely can't so I'll be impressed if you can.

    Have you ever sat on a donkey? Did it smell bad?

    How long have you been writing....wait that's kinda boring...

    If you could write a story about lamp posts knowing it would get published would you want to include your favorite street sign? (You asked for absurd right?)

    PS I like Amy's question

  3. I have a blog post drafted about THIS VERY SUBJECT (author web sites, not questions about you!), but at a minimum, what I want to see from an author's web site is this:

    - What they've written
    - What they're working on now (news)
    - Their bio--a more extended one from the one in the book
    - Who they are represented by

    For you, I want to know more about your novel. What's it about? What's the status of it?

  4. As far as writing goes (or not, up to you) where do you see yourself in five years (yes, that's a horrible question).

    I like to see more of an author's personality on their blog, even if they're just talking business. It's one of the reasons I really like this blog actually...