Wednesday, October 14, 2009

But before November comes...

You didn't think that my enthusiasm for NaNoWriMo would make me forget about Halloween, did you?

Let's talk costumes. What do you prefer? Scary or not? Anyone else a fan of the literary costume? Last year my daughter was Max from Where The Wild Things Are, and in college a group of us went trick-or-treating all dressed as different Shakespeare characters... our Lady Macbeth hand-wove a crown of red leaves for me to wear as a Midsummer Night's fairy, and we were all AWESOME. We'd knock on a door, and the people would open up, and say "Aren't you guys a little old to be... hey, wow, nice costumes. Who are you all supposed to be?"

But I digress.

Are you dressing up this year? What are you going as? Writers, if your characters were going to dress up for Halloween (or a costume party, if for some reason the world of your novel doesn't have Halloween), what would they go as?

I'll probably be lazy and just grab a kimono out of my closet for a costume this year (again!), since my priority is to stay focused on helping my daughter trick-or-treat successfully... but I think Dani from my novel will probably be dressing up as one of the deadly ninth-graders from Battle Royale (she loves that movie).


  1. I'm not dressing up but my little girl and her friends are dressing as the Scooby-doo gang. :)

  2. I'm hoping for at least an opportunity to dress up. I usually prefer literary costumes as opposed to scary ones.
    But this year, I'm no longer a volunteer at my church's youth group and I have no younger brother going about the house, so all of my legitimate excuses are pretty much gone.

    But if I do find an excuse, I like the idea of dressing up as Max from Wild Things, especially with the movie coming out and since it's one of my favorite children's books.

    Hmmm.....maybe I'll try dressing up as Door from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

  3. I LOVE when people dress as literary characters. When I'm able to make my own costumes (which will be many years in the future), I'll have tons of fun dressing like Victorian Age authors and Harry Potter characters :)


  4. I think my MC would be a princess. One of days long gone by, not a disney princess with the cartoon colors. Me? A writer ;)

  5. By the time I help my kids figure out costumes, I have no energy left to figure out one for myself. Maybe this year I'll carry my laptop and be a writer. I'll probably need to work on Halloween anyway (with all these new edits!). So I'll just double up working and the costume thing! :)

  6. I love literary/historical costumes. Architectural costumes, even. I once went to a party as the Parthenon (well it was only a hat, but very cool.) And once I was the Egyptian cow goddess Hathor, and another time, Louis the 14th. The most fun was Shirley Temple Dracula--I wore a little girl pinafore and puffy-sleeved blouse--all black, with a blonde curly wig, white make-up and fangs. A big hit.

  7. I haven't dressed up for a long time! If I did, though, I'd like to go as some 1940s character or Jane Austen or even a lady from the 18th century.

    My daughter wants to be Crash Bandicoot this year. That is a costume you will NOT find in the store. So we're going to have to get creative!

  8. I don't think I'll be dressing up. But I do have kids to dress up so that's almost as fun. :)

  9. I'm not into dressing up myself, but I'm excited to dress my almost 2 year old up this year to trick or treat! :)

  10. This is Brogan's first Halloween (well, technically second, but he was only a week and a half old the first time), so I'm very excited to dress him up.

    I'm thinking I could use his glasses and either have him be:
    -a mini Harry Potter
    -spike his hair and put a shirt on him that says, "The human head weighs eight pounds". He could totally pass as the kid from Jerry MacGuire.

  11. Halloween is not very big in Australia. Most people don't celebrate it. I have to admit, I am one of those people. But fun to hear what you are all doing.

  12. I just bought my costume on eBay for around $10. A 50s girl. Poodle skirt, nice shirt, etc. I just have to find a scarf and some saddle oxfords and I'm ready. I have NO IDEA what we're doing but I'll dress up to hand out candy!

  13. As far as I'm concerned Halloween is a great excuse to dress up as a pirate.

    Of course the same could be said for Tuesdays...

    My MC and his brother tried to outdo each other every year with costumes and candy hauls, so my MC is a little bitter about Halloween. if he was going to go, he'd probably go as a robot.