Friday, January 8, 2010

Busy day

I just wrestled our 10-foot-plus Xmas tree to the ground and out of our apartment by myself, Serious Girl has a playdate in less than one hour (20 minutes away), I'm meeting an old crit partner for late lunch, and... I'm writing something. Hence the photo above. No, that's not actually me, I'm pretty sure that's a guy. Don't distract me. It's a short story that I started yesterday, and I plan to finish the first draft today. Current working title: Gregor Samsa on the Red Line. Don't jinx it.

So, in lieu of something deep and meaningful to read here, I suggest that you go check out the winners to Rachelle Gardener's poetry contest and book giveaway (if you haven't already). I'm an honorable mention, as is one of this blog's regular commenters (yeah, Simon!) and all the entries are fabulous and funny and thoughtful. Enjoy!


  1. Ha! Well I hadn't scrolled down to that post yet in Reader, so thanks for alerting me to that, good lady! And I do so hope that short story is massively surreal. Possibly with large insects. (Though, depending on the city in which the Red Line is located, there may already be large insects on it...)

  2. Good luck with your new story! A new project is always exciting :)

    Happy weekend,

  3. I hereby anti-jinx your work! There, you are safe now :o)

  4. Nice poems, Carrie and Simon--I had a blast reading through.

  5. congrats on the honorable mention at Rachelle's place :)

    got my tree down and out this week too. yesterday actually. glad it's over..Christmas.

    I'm such a grinch.