Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's on your list?

New Year's Accountability Check-In:

1) Went to gym yesterday, chose a different and more difficult workout than usual, and have two classes/training sessions scheduled for later in the week. CHECK.

2) Signed up for four writing classes (three one-night seminars, one multi-week course), including a class that will push my genre experience. CHECK.

3) Ate dinner at actual dining table instead of in front of the television. Read more of Betsy Lerner's Forest for the Trees. CHECK.

4) Obsessively organized family photos in new iPhoto program. Did not organize any paperwork. Ah, well, we can't win 'em all.

5) Hung out with Serious Girl with total, guilt-free focus. Considered whether we may need even more Melissa & Doug Cutting Food. CHECK.

6) Chose my first "Operation Fill in the Gaps" book. Who wants to do an Anna Karenina book club with me?

Off to read sample pages for a crit partner and do the grocery shopping so that our family's healthy eating habits can last longer than 5 days... what are you all up to as the year starts?


  1. You have quite the checklist, very impressive! I'm keeping with my daily word count so far and planning to gear up for a few contests. I'm liking the pace so far.

    Hoping to start the Fire in Fiction this month too.

  2. Isn't FOREST FOR THE TREES great? It got me motivated to not take a writing hiatus with my second child.

    I've always meant to read AK. I am up to my eyeballs in book club reads, at the moment. If you could promise a due date a while from now, I'm in!

  3. I love FOREST FOR THE TREES! Can't do Anna Karenina; I've promised myself Crime and Punishment.

  4. Hmm. Now I can't decide if #7 on my list should be GETTING THE HELL OUT OF THE REJECTIONIST'S WAY or perhaps FOLLOWING REJECTIONIST TO FAME AND GLORY.

    She'll let me tag along if I continue to amuse and entertain her, surely...
    Tamika, let me know how you like Fire in Fiction.

    Caroline, I'm definitely going to pick a leisurely time frame, and I'll get back to you.

    C&P is also a noble choice, Yat-Yee.

  5. Working hard to be overwhelmed. Going to submit a new novel in a week or two and also plan on throwing a couple of short stories at two different anthology collections, if they will have me of course. And thats just for writing-not any of the family responsibilities.

  6. I'll do Anna Karenina if you can postpone it a bit - I've got a nice little stack of Xmas books I'd like to get through first.

    Also I am totally so jealous of your access to so many writing classes. I should really look into that for my area.

    I, too, have started working out again, eating healthy, and have started a blog - so that's 3 huge checks off my list!

    Yay 2010!

  7. Yikes, I'm not worthy. You're inspiring.

  8. Falen, if you can't find any in person classes that work for you, I've really enjoyed some online classes. Like any other format, the success of the class depends on the students, because we're all critiquing each other's work, but when you have a motivated group, online can work as well as in-person. I've had good luck with Gotham, and am taking a class from Media Bistro starting next week...

  9. I was supposed to make a list?

    I'm exhausted just from reading yours!

  10. IMPRESSIVE!!! I wish I'd accomplished so much! I have written 2000 words, so I feel pretty good about that. Anna Karenina is wonderful (and horrible), I hope you enjoy it. :)

  11. That's hecka impressive.
    So far, I'm working on some reading, quite a bit of reading, though not Anna Karenina.

  12. very very impressive list. I'd do a book club with you. I hope you'll post your thoughts on books on here.