Thursday, February 25, 2010

"That was my idea!"

Read post, then watch video.

Thank you, everyone, for the supportive wishes and good cheer! I hope to be back blogging properly tomorrow, but in the meantime, go read Aprilynne Pike's That Was MY Idea! post. Short summary: it doesn't matter if the idea's been done before, it's all about how you execute it. Okay, now you can watch the video.

ETA: Here's a perfect example. I just saw a Twitter #pubtip from Rachelle Gardener that said: I can't think of a more over-used plot device in kids/YA fiction than the "magical portal." So, just because Lewis Carroll and C.S. Lewis did it, should Neil Gaiman not have bothered to write Coraline? Yes, lots of books include a door to another world. How will YOU write it?


  1. Not entirely related... but you should check out dj earworm's 'united states of pop 2009'. He takes the 25 top songs from the year end billboard and turns it into one thing through some incredibly creative sampling. It may not be the best song ever but it beats most of the 25 songs themselves.

    Sometimes you don't even need to write your own story - just do some imaginative editing. :)

  2. In the spirit of "that was my idea" I just posted this on my blog! LOL. That video reminded me of the Pachelbel Rant, which is hilarious! I posted it on my blog, as well, but here's the link:

  3. One of my least favorite things in the WORLD is when I tell a non-writer friend about something I'm working on, and they say, "oh, that's just like x and y." No, no it's not. In fact, it's a completely different story. Just because two people fall in love during the Civil War does not make a story a copy of Gone With the Wind. Really and truly.

    The other least favorite thing is when non-writers say, "all the ideas have been written anyhow, there are no new ones." Sigh. Just, sigh.