Friday, October 1, 2010

There Are No Words.

Neil Gaiman. Me. Amanda Palmer.
In that order.

It was probably a few weeks ago that tickets for ART's production of Cabaret starring Amanda Palmer went on sale. Shortly after that, I saw Neil Gaiman tweet that he'd gotten a couple VIP tickets for himself. And I may have tweeted this, and may have just thought it... "I'd spring for a VIP ticket if it meant I got to see Neil Gaiman on top of getting to see the show. Anyone know which night(s) he's going?"

And then the thought went out of my head. I tried to schedule a night to buy a regular ticket, but Husband has been doing lots of traveling for work, and Serious Girl has not been amused by my attempts to find babysitters other than her beloved nanny (who now has another family as her priority), and it just never came together. The show sold out, and I was S.O.L.

Naturally, I was disappointed, because Cabaret is one of my favorite musicals. First of all, I am a fool for the really dark and disturbed musicals (see also Sweeney Todd). But I also took "Broadway Dance" classes at Crunch Gym in NYC during my first year as a practicing attorney; in these classes, the gym hired Broadway dancers to teach the stage choreography for the shows they were currently in. As a result, I actually learned the Broadway routines for "Don't Tell Mama" and "Mein Herr." So, I love this show because part of my brain insists that I've actually performed this number, yes, I am one of you, cabaret dancers, and life is beautiful.


Then, on Monday, Neil tweeted that he had two VIP tickets for sale for Wednesday night, first come, first serve. After some frantic texting and emailing, it turned out that our nanny COULD babysit that night, and wait, even better, Husband's overnight trip was postponed and so he could just stay home with Serious Girl if I wanted to go out that night, and HOLY CRAP the ticket is still available, YES, I will buy it, MINE, The Precious... ssss... ssssssss...


So I got to go to the show. And I got to say hi and thanks-for-the-ticket to Neil during intermission. (Turns out his daughter and his assistant both bought tickets for the same show, and obviously he was going to sit with his daughter, so the tickets his assistant bought are the ones that became available at the last minute.) And because it was a VIP ticket, I got a free drink and an awesome little swag bag. And then I got to hang out and chat with Amanda and the other 3 VIP ticket-holders after the show. During which time Neil got me another drink. And then I got to meet the two women who were going to GET MARRIED ONSTAGE during the late-night cabaret after-show. Here, I took photos:

Rosalie is in red, Sarah is in black.

Punk cabaret lesbian wedding, can I get a HELL YEAH?

No exchange of rings, just clasping hands.



Congratulations, ladies!
It was amazing.

And after all that, I was finally able to grab both Neil and Amanda at the same time for a photo in a manner that I hope did not disrupt their night (because, dude, she was running a show, and he was with his daughter, I was SO OBVIOUSLY not their priority) and Neil's daughter Holly took the picture, and it came out great even though she had to use the flash... and then, even though it meant I had to miss the second half of the late-night cabaret, I ran home before I could turn into a pumpkin.

And that, honey, is why I didn't make it home until after midnight. And why I was barefoot with my shoes in a pink swag bag. Thank you for understanding how awesome this was for me.

And of course Amanda's performance as the Emcee was spectacular -- although I have to say I think the actor who played Fraulein Schneider was the best of the evening. He was heart-breaking and mind-blowing and there are no words.

Okay, apparently I lied. That was a LOT of words. But I still fall short of describing it all.


  1. Sounds like an awesome time.

    Who am I kidding trying to sound all nonchalant, I'm burning up with jealousy over here!

    You are officially my new hero. ;)

  2. I agree that Cabaret is definitely a very fine musical. I never seen a live production, but the film is one of my top favorite movie musicals. It was great synchronicity that you got the tickets you hoped for and got to meet Neil. Amazing how things work sometimes.

    Tossing It Out

  3. That sounded like an amazing evening. Hope the warm fuzzies from the night will stay with you for a long, long time.

    Or you could just drop casual tid bits like, "The night when Neil Gaiman bought me a drink.,."

  4. So. Very. COOL!!! You lucky duck, you. :)


    I'm inordinately jealous. I wish Neil Gaiman would get *me* drinks.

    Congratulations on a night the awesomeness of which will likely go down in legend. Or at least, the occasional tweet.

  6. **muppet-like flailing**

    That is so awesome, I'm excited just reading about it. Lucky you!

  7. I'm suffering serious envy. Dang but I'd have loved that experience. Yay, you!

  8. Holy crap. Congrats on your night with Neil.

    And yes, absolutely, HELL YEAH!

  9. Wow, what a night! You've done well to note it here, for posterity and all. Wow!

  10. Fantabulistic! You rule the world.

  11. I hope that this doesn't make all of your future nights-out seem lackluster


  13. That is just.... wow, that's the coolest night ever. *jealous*

  14. omg. I'm going to see it tonight, but obviously under not-as-cool circumstances. this is SO AWESAMAZING.

    yes, I had to coin a new word to hold it all.