Monday, November 30, 2009

November Wrap-Up

  • Thanksgiving was good. Serious Girl played nice with the grandparents, which is pretty much the entire purpose of the holidays at this point in our lives.
  • I never posted those Halloween photos, did I? Let's fix that... I hereby present Serious Girl as the iPod Touch! (Sorry about the blurriness, but I don't want to advertise my daughter's face to the internets just yet. She's too young to consent, and I'm a wee bit conservative after we got that horror-movie-style death threat last year.)
  • I have totally and utterly failed NaNoWriMo. I will be posting tomorrow about why it's totally cool if you did, too.
  • My birthday is in one week. Get ready.
  • No, seriously. I will be hosting a poetry party here on my blog on December 7th, and I hope you will all bring your favorite poem to leave as a "gift" in the comments. Go ahead, pick out a nice one.
  • 83 followers! Thanks, everyone. You guys rock. And I've received a couple more blog awards that I have to add to the sidebar over there...

  • And that's about it.

    Now, I'm off to fill out my daughter's preschool application for next year (yes, we have to reapply every year, and if I want to get preference as a "returning student" for her, the deadline is tomorrow). Then I'm having lunch with a former writing instructor, running a few errands, and finally, trying to see if an idea I have can fit into short story form. Hmmm...

    QUESTION FOR YOU: Okay. If you travel in some of the same blog circles as me, you will see that some writers have made deals with the universe as part of their quests for publication. I'm on board with this... ah, but what to offer? That, my friends, is where you come in.

    Please suggest something I can offer up to the universe in exchange for (1) an agent and (2) a book deal. Use common sense in your suggestions: I am willing to embarrass myself, but won't sign up for anything requiring, say, public nudity or additional body piercings. (I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 23, I'm not going to add extra holes now.) Be creative... the universe gets bored easily, and probably won't pay attention unless the offer is good and unique.


    1. I not feeling particularly witty so rather than going for something clever I'll offer practical.
      Write well and be consistent,persistent and dependable.

    2. That's the BARE MINIMUM expected by the universe!


    3. oh i have no idea. I can't even think of something i would offer the universe. Probably just steal one of the aforementioned deals and color my hair in some crazy manner.


    4. Dear Universe,
      I am so sorry I put that sign on my desk that reads: The Universe doesn't give a rat's ass.
      I understand now that you do and if people put purple streaks in their hair you answer. I could shave my head but that would scare everybody. I can't offer my right eye or hand--I sort of need them to write the novel in question. I'll noodle this and get back to you. Perhaps I could make you a nice apple tart?

    5. It's funny, I see your comments on other blogs (because we travel in similar blog circles), and
      so I'll say please keep commenting things that I agree with! Also, could you please commit to still blogging even after you're a famous published writer. As in, communicating with people and not getting too big for your published britches! Congrats on the blog follower tally!

    6. Can't wait to hear about NaNo- I didn't make it either but thanks to you I feel good about what I did accomplish and I will finish my story!

    7. You are hilarious, Carrie! And I-pod Touch is SO creative!! Love it! I'm curious to hear your take on NaNo!

    8. Deal 1: Work as an independant owner of a traveling hot dog cart for 1 year. Feed the hungry and use your opportunities to meet new people and give back to the universe, one weiner at a time.

      Deal 2: Burn your bestest maunuscript as an offering, then sit there for a moment asking yourself "What the hell did I just do that for?" Use your newfound frustration as fuel to write a best seller!

    9. The universe delights in the talents of its gifted subjects. Perhaps there is a different deal you need to make?

    10. I'm interested in reading your Nanowrimo "failure" story ... in my mind, there are no failures, 'cause every sentence written may not have otherwise been created! (Cheesy thought, but hey, it keeps us writing, right?!)

    11. I would have to say... "the doctor is out."

      I'm outa all ideas for most everything. t.i.r.e.d.

    12. No NaNo for me. And the universe and I have our agreements but they are rather fuzzy and unavailable for publication...

      Sounds like you're born on, or very close to my oldest son's birthday, lucky you ;-)

    13. Don't shave you legs for a year... I'm sure the universe would appreciate that, especially come summer :)

    14. Ooooh that's a good one Natalie!
      It wouldn't be good for me because i'm not very hairy and therefore only shave 3-4 times a year, but someone should snatch that up!

    15. I'm no surprised that you have 83 followers, because your blog rocks!

      Sorry to hear about nanowrimo. I've been there! Six times I have failed miserably and only by a last minute miracle managed to pull this one out.

      Wonderful pictures! Love the iPod touch costume!