Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Yes, it's almost upon us. That one day a year when all Americans try to quit feeling sorry for themselves, and be grateful for the good things that they have. (Yes, yes, many of you are in fact better people than that, and are grateful every day. Good for you! You get extra turkey. Or tofurkey, if you don't eat meat.)

So... what are you grateful for? Wait! Before you answer that, please know that I want you to be SPECIFIC. Yes, it's easy to say that I'm grateful for my family, but that just doesn't really cover it, does it? And, as a wanna-be writer, shouldn't I show rather than tell?

They say that God... or the devil... is in the details. Let's see 'em.

CKHB's list:
  1. Yesterday, Serious Girl asked me to sing to Out Here On My Own to her. Toddlers are not known for their ability to focus quietly, but held still and kept her eyes on my face for the entire song. Sometimes her face lit up, and sometimes she looked so solemn. When I was done, she said, "Thank you, mommy. That was a good song."
  2. Our rock-star nanny makes a really fabulous picadillo... our daughter would probably still not eat meat if not for this dish. She also loves our little girl. You should see the two of them playing dominoes together. (Oh, and our nanny is the one who bought the set of dominoes for our daughter, just-because.)
  3. You may need to personally know me, my husband, and our sarcastic marriage-language to appreciate this, but my husband recently sent me an email from an airport layover that said, "Why can't you be more like Jodi Picoult?" Threats and hilarity ensued.
Show me why you're grateful for the good things in your life. And have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I'll post again on Monday.


  1. I was disappointed when my youngest daughter seemed so much less responsible in high school than all of her sisters had been. We clashed often and I agonized over the frequent notices I got from the school about her. I was worried about her future. As soon as high school was done, she was out of the house and "on her own". Sure enough, she ended up pregnant right away at 18. But the baby's father stepped in to take responsibility. Now my daughter has been responsibly working and I'm her "Daddy" again, and I am blessed with my first grandchild, who is now over a year old. After I've been babsysitting her, when I see that beautiful baby so happy to see her Mommy when she comes back and my daughter so loving and caring for her baby it absolutely thrills me.

  2. My mother passed away nine years ago. So I'm happy I still have my dad. Whose birthday is actually the same day as my anniversary which is the 29th of November.Another thing for which I'm thankful.

  3. I'm thankful that when i sit on my couch to write on my laptop, next to me on both sides sit my two french bulldogs, keeping me company and cheering me on in the only way they know how.

  4. I'm thankful in this crazy world to still have a roof over my head, and a fairly decent one, under which I write.

  5. Nice post, Carrie. At the moment I'm grateful that I've got a bottle of water next to me to fill up my stomach since I didn't have time to grab breakfast today! I'm also grateful that I have a cool six-year-old nephew who will appreciate the fact that I'm writing him a story for Christmas!

  6. It is summer here in Paraguay. It is 110*F /44*C right now I am ever so thankful to the person who invented the Air Conditioner! I think the man should be Sainted and given a holiday in his honor!! Better yet, a week of holiday!
    Instead, I will stand up now, next to my desk, under the cooling air coming forth from the beautiful, humming machine on my wall, and I will sing the Hallelujah Chorus in his honor!
    Join me now...

  7. I'm thankful for having honest relationships. They aren't always easy, but they're worth it.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I am thankful for bloggers who make me think. Can I just say that I love your blog (despite our differing over the quote :) and I love that you say what you think and feel. You often make me think. It takes a wise honest person to promote thought in others. Have a great thanksgiving Carrie.

    PS-glad you liked today's quote LOL :P

  9. Adorable! And I'm thankful for the weekend I just spent with my family at Great Wolf Lodge. I sat for quite a bit of the time in the kiddie pool with my youngest watching her "swim." She'd twirl and crawl around in the water. And always she'd look over at me and smile. I captured those smiles in my heart and stored them there. Forever.

  10. Things I am grateful for:

    1) When my boyfriend leaves me notes on post-its, instead of drawing hearts, he draws Starfleet communicators
    2) I have three days coming up in which to do nothing but eat and write
    3) The beautiful little girl I used to babysit for is turning two in less than a week

  11. When the teacher emailed earlier this week to report that my son's social studies test had the exact same answers as his neighbor's, my stomache churned. Immediately I thought about the night prior, when he only swam 10 laps while the rest of the kids in his lane swam 12 as the coach instructed.
    Was he a cheater in every walk of life?
    A day later of getting to the bottom of the story, his teacher emailed back to say, "I'm sorry if I scared you, but I wanted to make sure it looked as though I didn't suspect (your son's neighbor), so I emailed both families. Obviously your son didn't do the copying. His work is far better than (his neighbor's) and I could tell instantly that (his neighbor) was guilty. I was hoping (the other boy) would confess."
    My stomache instantly felt better as I realized my son does good work. "Far better" is a good thing, right? And also, his teacher instantly knew it wasn't my son who did the cheating.

  12. I'm grateful to JK Rowling & Oprah for keeping the printed word in vogue! JKR should get a nobel prize!

  13. Wow, where to start...

    I'm glad I'm still alive. This time last year I went to the Dr with a weird swelling in my leg. A week later I was being told by a Dr that I had a potentially fatal infection and I was going into surgery.

    They also told me to accept that they may need to remove my foot.

    I'm grateful they didn;t.

    I'm thankful for my friends and family, even though we've had a rough year, some really good things have happened to.

    I'm thankful my Grandfather gave me the blue bird of happiness before he passed away (seriously, I have it on my desk, looks like the twitter bird).

    I'm thankful that after more than a decade of wandering around I have a goal (write), a wonderful girlfriend, two crazy cats, a supportive family, some friends who know me and love me anyway and my sanity (more or less).

    Damn I'm lucky.

  14. I'm thankful for inspiration ... even if I haven't actually finished yet, there's still nothing better than actually being excited to write. With the inspiration lately, I have a hard time avoiding writing.

    I'm thankful for my dog, Lucy. She is the sweetest fluff monster ever. Thanks to her, I've had a hard time getting upset by some of the really ugly things I've experienced lately. All she has to do is crawl up onto the couch and nudge her nose under my arm. Next thing I know we're engaged in a full-on dog hug.

    I'm thankful for roller derby, which keeps me fit, helps me get out my agression, and gives me a creative and athletic outlet. I've also met some of the best people in my life playing derby.

  15. Ha! Your husband sounds like mine.