Monday, November 2, 2009


I got nothin' today. Sorry!

Okay, I'll just give you all an idea of what my day will look like today:
  • Get some words down for NaNoWriMo
  • Try to figure out if there's anyone who "buddied" me for whom I haven't returned the favor
  • Spend time with Serious Girl, who has a bad cold
  • Renew my bar membership
  • Pick a half-hour time slot and sign up for parent-teacher conferences
  • Pay some bills, sort through the mail
  • Shower, get dressed (this should really be higher on the list, shouldn't it?)
  • Buy new keyboard and mouse for the desktop PC because they've both decided to refuse to obey me -- thank goodness this house has 4 computers
  • Upload Halloween photos to share with neglected family members
  • Do laundry, get husband's suit drycleaned
There's more, but that's the basics. Fortunately "cook dinner" is not on that list because we have some excellent leftovers that the family will, in fact, eat. Oh, and Serious Girl was an iPod Touch for Halloween, and she ROCKED the trick-or-treating. I'll post a photo tomorrow if I can find one that shows the costume but not her face...

How are you guys doing today?


  1. You're better than me, I haven't uploaded photo's since August.

  2. Wow! Sounds like TOO much to do! How will you get the daily word count in?

  3. Congrats on your ambitious list! I'm too afraid to write down all the things I have to do today, and even though I'm off to a late start with nanowrimo, I fully intend to write a bunch today.

    Good luck with your word count!

  4. So far: Posted my blog for today (I give an update of where I am with NaNo there)
    I read some blogs and made some comments.
    Had a good breakfast to get my strength built up.
    Checked my email.
    Went grocery shopping during which time I contemplated where to go with my story idea.
    And now I reading a few more blogs and making comments as I doing here.
    Getting psyched up to write for a few hours.
    Ready, set, go

  5. I love the sign. I need it in my house hanging over the kitchen.

    I hope you get everything accomplished.

  6. Quite the to do list! How's word count going for you for NaNo? So excited for all you participaters! Exciting stuff!

  7. T.Anne, I wanted to note that I saw your Saturday comment over on rundpinne's book review of Coppola: A Pediatric Surgeon in Iraq. ( Since I've seen you post over here, I thought I'd say hi, and let you know that Dr. Coppola is a good friend of mine, and every bit as amazing as his book suggests!

  8. I was excited about Nano yesterday (on a Sunday, of course). Today, after a full day of work, grading papers, caring Oscar, and cooking dinner I am...tired. And scared. Can I do this? Thank God for cyber friends like you!