Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Dating Scene for Writers

You have assigned reading today: Le Rejectionist explains why queries are like personal ads, and Kit Whitfield explains why certain "pick up" moves won't work on a publisher. Le R's post is fresh as of minutes ago, and that second one has been in the "must read" section on my blog's sidebar for ages, but who the hell knows if anyone's actually been clicking through.

Go. Read. Learn. Laugh.

And then go enter my contest! There's an excellent flash fiction/essays-on-the-craft-of-writing chapbook as the prize, I only have 18 people entered right now, and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS POST A COMMENT ON THAT BLOG POST!

I will also give away my famous fudge recipe to the winner. It's amazing, it's easy to make (no stove required if you have a microwave), and it has only been shared via charity auction or blog contest. Enter now, find out if you won on April 15th!


  1. Well, with the fudge recipe, I'll have to enter. (Not an April's Fools joke, I hope.)


  3. ooh I love fudge! Hope someone who lives near me wins so they can make me some.
    Maybe I can check those articles later if I ever get caught up on cleaning up my email box.
    Have a great day!

  4. Fudge! This requires another tweet at the least.

  5. Sweet tooth status: one bowl full of Easter candy.

    Thanks for the links! I'll check them out!

  6. It's dangerous posting this stuff on April Fool's Day. lol. Great posts though. Fun advice.

  7. This reminds me of how I had to leave one agent and get a new one- it felt like I was leaving a marriage and had to explain to everyone new I was "thinking about dating" why the marriage failed. Had to be careful not to bad-mouth the "ex" and make it look like I was the crazy shrew who made it sour... it was a non-fun experience.

  8. And now I know why I stink at writing query letters!