Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Trivia

Whatever, I know you're all just desperately finishing up your taxes instead of reading blogs anyway. Although, maybe you're reading blog posts as a form of procrastination... at any rate, here's my trivial updates post:
  1. Tonight I start my "Ten Weeks, Ten Stories" class at Grub Street. I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. My blog now features turtles, because my daughter is a lunatic for turtles, especially water/sea turtles. (Future herpetologist! Marine biologist!) You can see them way down at the bottom on the right, and you can click to feed them. You can also get the turtle widget for yourself if you like!

  3. New Year's Resolutions! Getting more exercise is clearly the red-headed stepchild of my resolutions, as I am just failing miserably on that front. On the bright side, we are eating a bit better, the house is reasonably clean, and I showered today and am wearing something halfway presentable. (But if Harley May still wants to come over and live with me so that I can do all the laundry and she can do all the ironing, I will totally accept that deal.) I haven't read as many new books as I'd like, but I have been writing more than usual, so that's awesome. And I'm doing a much better job of embracing my various roles: being a focused mom when I'm with Serious Girl, and not feeling guilty when I close myself off to write. It's an ongoing balancing act, but in the last couple of weeks it's been working.

  4. We are in the LAST DAYS to enter my contest, which closes at midnight (EST) on April 14, tomorrow!!! The winner gets my amazing fudge recipe AND a lovely SIGNED chapbook of flash fiction and essays on writing: "This Won't Take But a Minute, Honey is a quirky resource for budding writers, a sort of freaky Strunk and White. Read through in one direction to find tiny little short stories of a page each. Flip the book over and find mini essays on the psychology and practice of writing. Whichever way you look at it, you're sure to find a nugget of inspiration for your next project."
Remember, you get extra entries in the competition if someone comes by and says you sent them. I currently have 168 Twitter followers... can we get it up over 200? And 158 blog followers (you guys rock, seriously)... can we get that up to 170? If we hit those numbers, I'll post a pic of myself standing on my head or doing a cartwheel, how's that for motivation?

Hope you all are having a grand day.


  1. Thank goodness I already have my taxes done and thankfully came out a little ahead. Already received my refund from the state (I surprised CA had it to send) and mailed my smaller Fed check today.
    Hope You hit your projections -- gotta see that picture of you standing on your head.
    Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

  2. Had a laugh at your marine biologist comment. Any time one of my children shows any interest/apptitude in something, I immediately start speculating if that's a future career.

  3. Anyone taking inventory on how well she's doing on her New Year resolutions is way ahead in the game. I don't even remember what mine were at this point. Although maybe I've made some progress. That's assuming "eat more salty foods" was one of the things I resolved to do.

    Got a budding marine biologist here too. What's up with that? Must be a stage they go through.

  4. Oh my god, the turtles. LOVE the turtles! Maybe Serious Girl and I are kindred spirits.

  5. Nice turtles. I'm a fan of turtles too.