Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I only have a moment...

I'm solo-parenting my daughter and her best friend from school today. I have plopped them in front of an episode of The Backyardigans just so I could post here for you today. (Parents, it's a great series. Good pacing, fun songs, cute storylines, and it will not drive you insane if you watch too.)

So, I've just dropped in to let you know about the exciting Grub Street class I'm taking tonight, which is called "Go Deeper, Baby: Writing Meaningful Erotica." No, I have no particular plans to write erotica in the future, but as some of my long-time readers know, I am on a quest to expand my genre horizons, and I think that learning to write a quality sex scene is an extremely valuable skill to have. I mean, if I leave sex out of a novel, I'd like it to be because the storyline calls for restraint, not because I'm scared of writing the kissy bits because I think I don't know how.

Also, instructor Sue Williams is a rock star, and I'd pretty much take any class she taught.

So, come back tomorrow for the sex talk, as I share some of the things I learned in class.

Questions for you: Do you write the sex scenes or finesse your way out of them? Do you do research like Tawna Fenske, or do you you operate on pure imagination? Come on, I'm surrounded by three-year-olds, I want SOMEONE to be having an adult conversation today...


  1. We still sing a few Backyardigan songs around here.

  2. I love Backyardigans!

    I operate on imagination, but I can see myself trying something out like Tawna. Can't wait to hear about the class! Sounds great!

  3. LOL, thanks for the blog link!

    I must admit, I thoroughly enjoy the excuse to research those racy scenes. Not sure my husband always appreciates it, but at least I can say with absolute certainty that my scenes are accurate.

    Love the blog!

  4. I look forward to the post on erotica a little too much. Thanks, Candace.

  5. Right there with you, Caroline & Larissa.

    Tawna, you are an inspiration to us all.

    And, you're welcome, Helga.

  6. Oh, I write them. And I use a combination of imagination and "research."

  7. Backyardigans best episode: Digging to the Center of the Earth.