Thursday, December 31, 2009


Tonight, in most parts of the world, there will be a blue moon. A "blue moon" is not actually blue, but instead is the name given to the second full moon falling in any given calendar month: this typically happens only once every 2.5 years. A New Year's Eve blue moon only happens once every nineteen years, so this is pretty cool.

What else happens only very rarely? A New Year's Resolution lasting past February. But it's going to be 2010, a nice round number, and we have a nice round moon to kick off the year, so let's see if we can stick to our guns this year, shall we? I am hereby making a public commitment to the following resolutions:
  • Work out more often. Work out with greater effort. (Let's face it: listening to an audiobook for half an hour while idly pedaling on a stationary bike with low resistance doesn't really count as "working out".)
  • Eat better. My husband has agreed to help me pick out recipes on the weekend so that I actually have a game plan for grocery shopping and cooking each week.
  • Embrace my time more fully. The parents who read this will know in particular what I'm talking about: the trap of feeling guilty for ignoring your kids when you're working, then feeling frustrated when you're with your kids (because you think you should be working). Pardon my French, but that guilt loop is bullshit. I'm done with it. I'm going to revel in reading The Berenstain Bears for the 100th time while I'm doing it, and then I'll focus fully on my writing and other work when Serious Girl is otherwise occupied.
  • Participate in Operation Step it Up a Notch. Some of my mom friends and I have done this before, and I Should Be Writing listeners will recognize this as the PANTS concept: looking professional means being more professional, even if you're working out of the home. Get showered early even if you've nowhere to be. Put on pants (preferably ones that don't make you look like a slob). In my case, this also includes actually combing my hair once in a while.
  • Read more. Write more.
  • Organize our family life better: that means fixing the metadata on those photos that claim they were taken in 2006 even though they're obviously from some time in 2008, throwing out things that can't be regifted or resold in a reasonable period of time, getting the paperwork in order (ideally, in an order that can be understood by someone else, should the need arise). I used to be great at this stuff, but I've lost my touch. Time to get back in gear.
  • Making the time to pursue happiness. Writing classes, dance classes, and baking with my daughter are on the top of this list.
How about you? Post in the comments, and make yourself just a little bit more accountable for keeping these commitments going throughout the new year. And... HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!


  1. I haven't formalized my resolutions yet, but I know it's going to, somehow, involve exercise, devil take it.

    Odds of this lasting past February: .25%

  2. Oh my, I need to participate in Operation Step it Up a Notch too. I've been showering at noon lately and wearing my "most comfortable" clothes. That's a great goal.

    Good luck with all your resolutions and I hope you have a great New Year!

  3. I'm with Natalie on joining you in Step it Up a Notch. I've gotten too comfortable in old sweat clothes. I notice when I have to dress to go out my attitude changes, becoming more energetic and upbeat. You've put together an admirable list. Here's to us Stepping it Up in many ways in 2010. Happy New Year.

  4. Huh. I never knew what a blue moon actually was. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

    I'm resolving to write a novel in 2010 (though it feels like the novel's resolving itself to be written, and using me to do it). The journey begins...

    Happy New Year, good lady. Best of luck with your resolutions.

  5. I have been a huge slacker now that I'm not working. Count me in for Step it Up a Notch. Guess that means I have to iron, though...

  6. Good, solid goals here: Read more; write more; allow time to be happy. For me this will involve a WHOLE lot less TV. Might be time to let go of the cable.

  7. Amen to breaking the working parents' guilt loop!

    Happy New Year and best wishes to everyone in 2010!

  8. Mine are: Finish WIP, Start Blog, and submit a query.
    Yay 2010! I see good things in our future!

  9. Hmm. I love New Years Resolutions. Mine have to do with running, writing, and reading. But I like that Step It Up A Notch idea--particulary the showering, dressing thing. :)

  10. 1) Focus. Period. Spend more time on one thing at a time and stop multi-tasking so darned much.

    2) Turn off the computer/television/dvd player. Or rather, limit usage. This also feeds into the stop multi-tasking so darned much resolution above...

    and 3) Try new things. As often as possible. I've already done two: snowshoeing and making veggie lasagna. What's next?