Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thank you!

Seriously, everyone, that was just WONDERFUL. If anyone is new to this blog today, please go read yesterday's poetry post and especially all the comments, there is some truly fantastic poetry being shared there, and it was magical to have such lush and resonant language pouring in for me all day long. It was an excellent birthday present, far better than I'd hoped for. Once again I say: you guys rock. (And a special thanks to those who commented yesterday for the first time! I really appreciated it.)

As for the rest of my birthday... my daughter and I ate waffles on the kitchen floor for breakfast, there was sushi for dinner, and dessert from Finale, and life was pretty fine.

And so, with apologies, I have nothing clever for you today. On Thursday I'll discuss yet another seminar that I'll be taking tomorrow night at Grub Street -- I can't guarantee that the post will be as helpful to everyone as last week's Character is Plot post seemed to be, but I've been consistently impressed with the classes there, and I hope I'll continue to be able to pass some useful tidbits along to you. (My Ruthless Self-Promotion post also came out of a Grub Street seminar.)

So... what do you want me to talk about next? I'm open to ideas... okay, what I'm basically saying is, can you guys do my job for me while I go eat more cake for breakfast? Yep. Thanks.

Mmmm... cake...


  1. mmmmmm.... cake. :)

    Next subject huh? Maybe tell us, as a reader, what is the most 'stand out' book you own? Anything that people would immediately notice if they looked at your bookshelf?

  2. I want to hear about the Santa Claus movie (I remember seeing it as a kid).

  3. Maybe talk about blogs and blogging. Nice credit you got from Simon at http://constantrevisions.blogspot.com/

    I've seen this idea being promoted at:

    Not a bad idea to promote your blog by promoting other blogs. Kind of like the awards with no awards.
    And I'm sure some bloggers would enjoy tips on how to improve their own blogs or spark new ideas for their blogs.

  4. Oh and by the way, I hope everyone will check my blog tomorrow for an interview with award-winning author Athol Dickson and please leave comments. Today I reviewed his book LOST MISSION


  5. Arlee--I'm reading that book right now, and loving it! :)

    Waffles AND sushi?? What a wonderful birthday :D!

  6. Just read on Intern that it's your birthday today. Mine was the 27th, so we're the same sign. :) Happy Birthday!

  7. Do you have any favorite cookbooks? :)


  8. yeah, you could talk about your books in your bookshelf.. not the 'hype' ones or fashionable literary ones or 'obvious' ones.. but the ones that are unique.. that maybe the ordinary person (that would be me) might not ever have heard of.. or I like Julie's idea.. favorite cookbooks?