Thursday, December 3, 2009

State of the Carrie

The birthday girl at age 2

What great comments yesterday, I am so thrilled that the "character is plot" post was useful for so many of you! Today, however, I have no time for anything, so I'm just going to do a quick update:
  • Tonight I'll be going to see Ha Jin read from his new collection of short stories, A Good Fall (and I'll be bringing my copy of Waiting for a signature as well).
  • Don't forget to pick out a poem you love and come back on Monday for my blog-birthday-poem-party!
  • Yesterday one of the agents who had the first three chapters of my manuscript wrote back to ask for the full!
I know, this is awesome. It's always nice when an agent asks to see more of one's work, but I take it extra-seriously when an agent asks to see the full after seeing the first chapter or more (whether that was a "partial" or they simply asked for chapters as part of the original query).

After all, voice is so important, and I think it's very easy for an agent to think that a query sounds good in theory -- or even that the first 1-5 pages have potential -- but then decide that the character voice just isn't what s/he was looking for. However, if someone really likes the first three chapters... well, I obviously think it only gets better from there!

There are currently 4 agents holding my "full" for consideration. Wish me luck. (Oh, and tomorrow I will announce my chosen deal with the universe...)

WHAT'S YOUR STATUS UPDATE? Working on a first draft? Revisions? Querying? All of the above?


  1. Good luck with that agent! That sound really promising. How long have the other four agents have your full manuscript?

    I am working on a first draft of a novel and counting down the days until my first (non-fiction) book gets published. It's due out in March!

  2. Revisions of my novel will begin AFTER I finish beta-reading for others... a process that has taught me so much about my own writing.

    Congrats, Carrie, on the four possible agents! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, for sure. Oh, and I love the photo! I have a few funny face ones of my own. Here's one on my own blog - cracks me up every time I see it.

  3. Yay on the agent request! I'm still waiting on that front, too, as there are a few that have my full manuscript. Waiting stinks sometimes.

  4. How exciting!!! Congrats. I'm trying to finish my WIP so I can edit. UGH

  5. Congrats Carrie!

    My status: polishing the last part of my novel and gearing up for querying after January. I made myself wait for a long time because I didn't want to go into the query process without being totally ready.

  6. Good Luck on the multiple Agent requests! Fingers crossed.

  7. Rebecca, it's a range: one full has been out since April, another only went out 2 weeks ago.

    Laura: CUTE!!!

  8. That's awesome on the Full request!

    Currently draft one has about 15 more writing days until being completed. Then it's on to editing and revisions (which i love so i CANNOT WAIT)

  9. Wow, congratulations!! I'm crossing my fingers for you! :)

  10. Oh wow. that is great news Carrie. good luck. Hope you get what you are wishing for this season.

  11. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Can you sleep? Still 1st-drafting, though I want to go back to a short story to edit so I can post it.

  12. I suddenly became epically busy, so at the moment I'm:

    * Totally starting my book again after reworking the outline. It'll be a far better book, but goodbye 38,000 words.

    * Helping my father (also an author) set up his website and podcast. He's been published six times before and even he's finding the current climate tough.

    * Finishing a short story that's come out really well, but kind of gross. Not sure what to do with it.

    * Training in MMA. I know it's not writing but I need a life away from my laptop.

    * Congratulating Carrie. I guess I'm doing that right now...