Friday, March 12, 2010

Can't blog. Writing.

You guys are fabulous, thank you SO much for the boost yesterday!

So, today is insane. We had a toddler playdate this morning, I'm going to the Grub Gone... Blue event tonight, and I just found a bunch of documents on backup discs (3.5" floppies, remember those?) that I had thought were lost forever, and I'm writing, and we're late taking Serious Girl to school, and... ACK!

Back on Monday. In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of the pet chinchilla I had in college. Her name was Kenga. Who else has had a weird pet? "Normal" pets with weird personalities TOTALLY count.


  1. My step-mom had a pet chinchilla for years. Its name was Shrimp. They are the coolest pets EVER!! :-)

  2. Named my black cat Godzilla. He still lives with my parents. The vet cracks up every time they bring him in.

  3. That picture is so cute. I've never had a weird pet, but my hubbie had a dog that use to answer the phone and pretend that rolled up sucks were her puppies.
    Congrats on finding your floppies.

  4. In high school, I had a friend with a ferret. It smelled awful.

  5. I tried to keep some pet grasshoppers once. Then one morning I checked on them and their heads were gone and their bodies were sucked hollow. It was kind of creepy.

  6. Chinchillas are AWESOME. High maintenance, but awesome.

    Godzilla is a great cat name!

    Phone-answering dogs are also quite cool. But did she take messages?

    I've owned a ferret. Their smell is stronger than a dry dog but less than a wet dog. The trick to to bathe them one a week to keep the funk under control...

    I'm actually hoping some other bug got in to attack your grasshoppers, Lee, because I'm not liking the alternatives...

  7. Normalcy is highly overrated anyways....

    Strange pets (according to what the average Joe might own) that I have owned over the years: iguanas, turtles, hedgehogs (although those have been my sister's) and degu (relative of the chinchilla, basically a desert rat).

    Pets that exhibit odd behaviours: My black and white cat, that's a rescue, took six months to come out of the basement and will now only drink from the tap or from the water bowl after he's splashed in it with his paw to make it move. I believe he's trying to immitate one of my other cats, Everest, that drinks from his paw but Reaper just doesn't get it. Reaper will also get between me and my blackberry when the alarm is going off on it in the mornings and growl.

    I also have a greyhound, a collie/sheppard mix, another cat, a hedgehog, three degu, four birds and a horse just to make sure I'm really kept on my toes. My sister keeps saying that she should be allowed to get a buffalo... so far I've managed to hold her off on that one.