Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things I learned while we were apart...

  • Twitter is crazy addictive.* And awesome. Mur Lafferty said that Twitter is like a giant water cooler, and I'm inclined to agree. Actually, I'm going to say it's a giant coffee shop. Yeah, just me and my pals Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, hanging out, joking about Vegemite and tambourines... they're just the best couple ever, aren't they? Gosh, I'm so glad we've had these moments together...

  • I can be such a dumbass. Dear amazing author to whom I may have appeared overly-familiar and/or overly-desperate to make a personal connection: I swear, I'm not normally such a uselessly eager fangirl, it's just that I discovered your writing EXACTLY at the moment that I started taking my own writing much more seriously, and I was so excited by the possibilities represented by your hard work and success... and, yes, I was kind of hoping you'd say, "Hey, I do remember you from that time we briefly crossed paths in the 1990s! How ya been?" (FYI, I've been good, thanks! Got a law degree, got married, had a kid, have high hopes for finding some happy in writing.) Anyway, I hope you eventually swing by the blog or say hi to me on Twitter, but even if you don't, I love your writing. Keep it up, your fans want more.

  • Grub Street, you rule. How do you find such amazing teachers? And the people who take your classes are such good students as well; none of those time-wasters who are just there for validation or cheap therapy. I'm so impressed, and so glad I took one of the longer classes with you. Thank you. (FYI to my readers: the final Monsters & Mayhem post(s) will be up later this week.)

  • So, what's new with you? I missed you! Tell me everything.


    1. Love the coffee shop analogy.

      Won a short story contest over the weekend so that was cool. And finished reviewing my galley-now its off to the printer and soon hopefully in the hands of someone at a coffeeshop near you.

    2. Well, since you asked . . . my book came out yesterday! Here's a link to our blog post about it: http://greenbabyguide.com/2010/03/01/the-eco-nomical-baby-guides-upcoming-giveaways-and-events/.

      Good luck with your grad school application! Would you start this fall?

    3. How exciting! Congrats on the win, David, and congrats on the book release, Rebecca!

      Yes, I would start in September.