Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Short but sweet

Image has nothing to do with anything except that it's beautiful.
"The Storm" by Jennifer Flynn

Okay, I'm trying to Get Things Done today, so this is a gonna be a short one. Go read Seth Godin's post Maybe You Need New Friends. It's short, too. Go on, I'll wait.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to say that, according to the standards of that post, I don't need new friends. Y'all are awesome.

Enter my contest, and tell me something nice about the people you've met blogging/Tweeting/writing.


  1. I love how the Blogging community is so supportive, and we rarely pass-up a chance to promote each other's work! Big supporters have been Vodka Logic, Throwing Quarters and Crazy Texas Mommy

  2. I actually met my husband through blogging ... we were both contributing to a local community blog for the college town we lived in. Started emailing, met for coffee.... and have been together every since! Been together for five years, married for almost three!

    And of course, this big wide world of blogging authors has been nothing but supportive of me!

  3. I totally agree. I've the most awesome followers ever, and I love reading them in return and cheering them on as they do me.