Friday, August 28, 2009

Vacation bound!

Okay, everyone. Next week is going to be 100% auto-posted, because my husband, daughter and I are going on vacation! We should have internet access, but let's be honest... if there's a pool and a beach, I'm not going to want to be spending time in front of a computer coming up with new blog content. I'll almost certainly check my email while I'm there, which means I'll read your comments, but I probably won't respond to any comments until the week after next, at which point I'll do a "feedback" style post if needed to catch up, and to address any questions y'all might have had while I was gone.

So, what can you expect? Mostly frivolity... I wouldn't want to write about something too deep and then not be around to comment with you guys. There's going to be a video link for you Monday, another First Friday (of the month) Fiction contest at the end of the week, and short-and-sweet posts in between. I do hope you will continue commenting in my absence! I've tried to plan some good stuff to keep you amused until I return.

And for today, some CKHB VACATION FAQs:

Q: Will you come back with a tan?
A: Ha! I'm so pale that I'm practically Day-Glo. Sunblock with SPF 50+ is my friend.

Q: Will you write while on vacation?
A: I hope so. Probably just handwritten outlining and character sketches.

Q: Is your home going to be unoccupied while you're gone?
A: No. It's not. No trying to break in while we're traveling. That would be rude.

And now a question for you: What's your dream vacation location? Writers, have you ever sent your characters on vacation? Where did they go? My protagonist doesn't travel during the course of the novel, but she did recently get to visit her step-brother in Japan.


  1. Have a wonderful time on vacation! You deserve it! I hope you come back feeling rested and refreshed!

    I've never sent a character on a vacation before, but that's a great idea!

  2. My character travels all the time. By plane, train, and dug out canoe.
    Have fun! Don't get sun burned! I understand the Day-glo bit all too well.

  3. Dream vacation location (gosh, that's a mouthful, trying saying it ten times fast!) Okay, mine is the Maldives. My girlfriends I went there when I was living in Hong Kong and the Maldives are every bit as beautiful as any picture perfect post card. We stayed a week, then return to the realities of teaching at an international school. We had a blast. Now we all have kids and have moved back to our respective homes around the world. But we still chat about it and make grand plans to go back some day!

  4. Have fun!

    I love going to Atlantis in the Bahamas. I dream of going back soon! :)

  5. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy the last few days of summer!

  6. For some reason name/url post hates me at the moment. My dream vacation would be an epic road trip through the USA.

    Have a great vacation!

    Andrew Jack

  7. Have a great holiday!

    My dream trip? There are too many choices. Most of them involve Europe though. But there's also the Great Barrier Reef, Vanuatu, Mars, a planet around another sun...