Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's all pretend this is spelled correctly...

Thank you most kindly to Jeannie Campbell for this award! Man, though, it kills me that this is spelled "kreativ." I'm hoping it's intentionally ironic or something...

According to the rules, I should list 7 things about myself that people might find interesting, and then pass it on... but, I'm going to be creative and mix it up a little (surely you admit the inventors of the award were asking for this). In honor of Jeannie's other blog, The Character Therapist, where authors are encouraged to learn more about their own characters, and are often invited to comment in the voice of those characters, I'm going to post 7 things about the main character of my current novel, In Name Only (working title) that future readers might find interesting.
  1. Dani Kobayashi has no middle name.
  2. She makes handmade paper from scratch, using base materials like old blue jeans and junk mail.
  3. Her first name means "my judge."
  4. She's a lefty. (Hmm. I don't think that's in the novel, actually...)
  5. When she sees a formerly classic name that has modified to be more trendy or "unique" -- say, with the addition of several extraneous Ys -- she disdains that name as being "kre8iv."
  6. Like the protagonist of so many chick lit novels, Dani has a gay best friend... actually, two. And they're women, not men.
  7. Unlike the protagonist of so many chick lit novels, Dani wears shoes that are never described by their brand name. Or described at all, really. Although at least one pair is seriously fugly.
How about you guys? Writers, please post one interesting thing about one of your protagonists... and, if you're not a fiction writer, please post one thing about yourself that we might not otherwise have known. Thanks!


  1. Protag has same "speech patterns" and tics in dialog as in emails. :) Your book sounds really fresh.

    Come dance at my Haiku Hoedown if you need a break. Cajun Goody pkg. for winner.

  2. Interesting book, esp. that her best friends are lesbian rather than gay. What a twist! :-) Sounds great.
    Hmmm, I'm not so unique with my characters. One uses her glasses as a shield, not literally, but they make her feel safe.
    See? Not Kreativ. Heehee.

  3. I am writing my memoirs so... Something interesting about me? How about some interesting things that have happened to me?
    * I found a real witch doctor sleeping in my bed once
    * I have been stranded in the middle of the jungle on a grass airstrip alone...except for the jaguar, that is.

  4. Regarding your #4 - you should have her bump elbows with someone while eating. That is a realistic way to introduce her being a lefty.

    As for my characters, the novel I'm working on has two POV characters, so here is something about each of them. Jocelyn can cry on demand and uses this ability to manipulate her friends. Hunter left home for boarding school when he was nine and doesn't know his parents.

  5. The misspelling of the word "creative" on that award has been bugging me too. I guess it's aimed to get attention?

  6. (messing around with the award image and a paint program...)

    THERE. That's better.

    Thanks for the lefty tip, Kate! And, Jungle Mom is clearly cooler than all of us...

  7. Let's hero knows what it's like to go hungry, so he always carries a snack with him.

  8. I keep coming back to read your older blog posts because I think you are pretty cool! I'm still telling people how Pippi came by and left me a comment on my blog!

  9. You are so Kreativ! :) I guess we have to be creative and imagine that it's spelled correctly! :)

  10. Love the name Dani. Immediately I would read your book lol. Plus I love chick lit. My protagonist...hmmm.. she likes two guys at a fairly similar rate...always trouble. ;)

  11. You are so deserving of these awards. I love your blog!

    I have a protagonist who says he is a time traveler, but we never really know for sure. I'm actually in the process of podcasting this one.

  12. Congrats! What a fun little spin on the blog award. I'm a lefty - so I already like your character. :)

    And I got my fun prize in the mail yesterday! Thanks for that! The envelope is so cool! Can't believe you made it. :)

  13. Katie, I'm so glad your prize finally arrived! Now you know why I went with an email-friendly prize this month. Yeesh!

    Sandy, how exciting! I'm not even Twittering, let alone podcasting...

  14. Thanks for sharing, everyone, these are all very intriguing little insights!

  15. Hi Carrie,

    Here's my protagonist trivia:

    Nicolaos, son of Sophroniscus, loves eel. He'll eat it any way he can get it, but for preference cooked in garos sauce, which is made from fermented fish intestines.

    It's not exactly a meal to modern taste, but then, Nico isn't exactly modern.

    This doesn't appear in the first book, it's merely a piece of trivia I know about him.

  16. You know, I very nearly listed Dani's love of eel in this list of seven. She's a sushi freak, so she eats unagi (freshwater eel) and anago (saltwater eel) pretty much any time she can afford it.

    Something our characters have in common despite the 2,500-year gap between them!