Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Class of 2013

The college students are back in town! The vendors are hawking their wares (in particular, the banks are trying to get their customers-for-life to open new accounts), and the Welcome Class of 2013 signs are up.

Man, I feel old.

How about your characters? How old are they? What college class will they be, or have they been... or are they even going to college? Are they older or younger than you? My protagonist is younger, and she turns 27 during the course of the novel. And she went to the same college I did.

Comments about your own age and/or feelings of oldness are welcome, but certainly not required.

Reminder: I am on vacation this week, and this is an auto-post. I may not respond to your comments until the week of September 7th, at which point I will do a "feedback" day to catch up. But I will read everything! I promise!

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  1. They look younger and younger each year, don't they?