Monday, September 7, 2009

Thanks for stopping by!

Thank you to everyone who came by the blog while I was away last week, and a special thank you to T. Anne and Reesha, who each came back to comment more than once: this "You Don't Say?" comments award is for you!

And, I'd like to also say thank you to my followers. (Forty-one as of today! Woo-hoo!) It makes me ridiculously happy that you guys get enough enjoyment from the blog that you not only visited but that you want to come back!

Our vacation was lovely, thank you. Our family spent the vast majority of our time in the pool, with a little bit of beach thrown in. Serious Girl, thanks to her dad's genetics, got an amazingly beautiful tan even while covered in 60 SPF sunblock, whereas I am just grateful not to have turned lobster red. SG also figured out how inner tubes work, and started swimming all over the pool, hanging on to an inflatable zebra instead of requiring us to hold her at all times. We are SO proud of her!

Back to writing-themed fun tomorrow, and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, especially those who got the long weekend for Labor Day. Thanks again!

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  1. You're welcome! Enjoy your holiday!

  2. Plan on coming back plenty more too and trying to bring friends along. You're quite a writer. Being clever and funny doesn't hurt either.

  3. Glad the holiday was great. I can't wait until my family get away in Nov. Congrats on the award.

  4. Ugh. I hate it when people can tan even with sunblock on. I just burn or get nothing at all.

  5. Nice to hear you had a good time.
    And thanks for the award! :D

    I was first drawn to your blog because of the Chinese character for your picture. I speak Chinese as a second language so it got me excited, and then your writing was just too satisfying to stop reading.

  6. Congrats!!

    I want an award.... :)