Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weird things you find when Googling yourself

Meet CKHB. Specifically, the Smith & Wesson CKHB Extreme Ops Hawkbill Knife. Why is it model number CKHB? I have absolutely no idea. I use those initials because, well, they're my initials. Duh.

What's the weirdest thing you've found while Googling your own name or screen name?

Reminder: I am on vacation this week, and this is an auto-post. I may not respond to your comments until the week of September 7th, at which point I will do a "feedback" day to catch up. But I will read everything! I promise!


  1. there are lots of other jeannie campbells. who would have thought that? in fact, the domain name is already taken (which is such a bummer) by a lady who does bead work. guess i'll have to go with .net or something....

  2. I used to own a CKHB knife. It was pretty awesome.
    When I search for my name, all the right stuff about me comes up. Yay for an unusual name. :D

  3. There are dozens of people with my name. I'm not even on the first two pages when you google.

    There's an artist with the domain name. I'm not crazy about her work, but I did enjoy pretending it was my hobby once when I got googled by a new friend.

    But my favorite is a biology professor in CA, because I'm a PhD student in in the department of biomedical informatics and there's actually a tiny overlap between her interests and mine. This even led to one deeply confused student to ask if I would be on his thesis committee. (I decided it was unkind to bluff that one and confessed immediately.)

  4. I mostly find my own blog posts. Pretty boring. Maybe I should change my name to Candy Apple Sundae or Cookie "Hot Stuff" Hilton. Maybe then some cool stuff would appear. That knife is scary, btw. I'm going to be really nice to you from now on.;-)

  5. Oh goodness! What an alarming thing to find! I was a little taken back by finding my twitter account as it had been a while since I googled myself. The thought of potential employers knowing I was "concerned about the number of shots consumed last night" has made be realize I'll have to do some clean up when the time comes to job search again!