Friday, September 4, 2009

First Friday Fiction Contest... #3!

Welcome to the First Friday of September, and welcome to my third monthly fiction contest. You have a week to enter, and I'll announce this month's prize on Monday or Tuesday.

For people new to my blog, July was Flash Fiction (winner here). August was a Worst First Line Contest (entries in comments, winner here). And September brings you:


Regular guest blogger Lauren over at Pimp My Novel has brought us Amish Vampire fiction and a Hitler Romance. What do you think hasn't been brought to the market yet, but totally should be? Steampunk YA mystery romances? Horror pop-up books? Autobiographical fan fiction? (For example, did you know that author Felix Gilman went to Hogwarts? Click his biography -- refresh the page repeatedly if necessary, because it changes -- and you'll see proof.)

I've already called dibs on zombie chick lit. What's your big new idea? Extra points go to any entries providing sample sentences from their chosen genre.

This is my last day of auto-posts. See you next week, everyone!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your time away!

  2. Southern Gothic Medical Murder Mystery

    It'd be like Flannery O'Connor meets NCIS.

    "He might be mental, but he's still the best on the team we have." She remembered these words just before breaking down the door of the house, as if her memory was trying to warn her with a bad omen.

    Rose-water wafted out to her, reminding Betsy of a funeral home and her grandma's at the same time. She squeezed the handle of her gun, swiveled around a corner and yelled "Clear!" Brad rushed past her in swift military fashion into the next doorway. Looking around, she noticed everything was floral or dusty pink. She heard Brad discharge his firearm.

    "Red is such a lovely color." he said from the next room. Curious and confused as to what he could possibly be doing when a killer could be around the next corner, she cautiously approached. She smelled the blood before she saw it.

    Brad was bending over a small pool of fresh blood, his hands covered in it. He pressed his palms down on the floor until the blood covered his knuckles, then held them up, dripping.
    "You caught me red handed." He laughed.

    Betsy was about to scream until he stood up, revealing that he had only shot the cat. He gently stroked her cheek, leaving a smear of red on it.
    "This is your first time seeing something get shot, isn't it?" Being new to the force, she wasn't sure what to do and was frightened of her superior.
    "Well then. It's only natural you should blush. Darn thing nearly startled me to death."
    He wiped his hands on his dark pants and proceeded with the operation, leaving Betsy alone in the room with the dead thing, a horrified look on her face and two red half-moons of blood on her cheeks.

  3. Wow. Didn't realize I wrote that long of a comment. Sorry. You had only asked for a sentence.

  4. Reesha, that was positively INSPIRED!

  5. Love this! How about Splatterpunk Chick Lit?

    As the blood from the mutilated corpse pooled around Muffy O’Roarke’s feet, she screamed “OMG! This will totally ruin my Jimmy Choos!”

  6. Vampire self-help books, like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Vampires, and Chicken Soup for Vampires who don't have a soul.

  7. I would love to read a Do It Yourself Gothic Horror. It could include chapters like How to Paint a Portrait That Will Devour Your Soul and Party Favors for the Angry Pitchfork-Carrying Mob.

  8. I'm thinking paranormal YA mantasy ( or children's male ennui picture books (

    "And then the sad, lonely bunny said, 'They're all a bunch of phonies.' And hopped away to take his medication."