Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things my husband says

My demographic, according to my husband.

Husband: How's your book coming?
CKHB: Good, thanks.
Husband: Are there any ninjas in it?
CKHB: Not right now.
Husband: Car chases?
Husband: An increasingly complex series of riddles that must be solved in order for the bomb to be disarmed and the world to be saved?
CKHB: {sigh} Sweetie, you are not my demographic.
Husband: Oh, I get it. I don't have enough cats to be your demographic.
CKHB: Smartass. Now I'm going to blog about this.
Husband: And that's why you'll never get a man.

Reminder: I am on vacation this week, and this is an auto-post. I may not respond to your comments until the week of September 7th, at which point I will do a "feedback" day to catch up. But I will read everything! I promise!


  1. You could double your demographic by including car chases, ninjas and crazy cat ladies in your novel.

  2. Wait, wait. Are we married to the same dude? Seriously. The only difference I see is, mine adds sharks with lasers to the mix. ;)

  3. Yeah, mine added a need for an evil plot to take over the world...

  4. LOL. Mine is so much like that, with these additons:

    Husband: Am I in the book?
    Me: (snorts) No!
    Husband: So, can I read it?
    Me: You don't read books.

    (Sad but true. He only reads sports mags. Ever.)

    I figure it'll be a funny anecdote IF I ever get published - no, my husband has never read anything I've written!

  5. LOL. We're not married to the same man are we?

  6. My husband just begs to be left OUT of my book.

  7. Hang on. "That's why you'll never get a man." Is your husband calling himself a girl? Ha ha!

  8. Heh. I keep trying to point out that I got HIM, but apparently I'm "first wife" and the relationship doesn't really count from that perspective. Or something like that.

    You know, that looks kinda bad written out, but I swear it's funny at our house...