Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contest? Oh, RIGHT, the contest...

I completely flaked on you guys, didn't I? I threw up my genre-blending contest on the first Friday of September, and I never told you what the prizes would be, and I never told you when the contest would be closed...



Okay, y'all get one more day to enter. And the prize will once again be my coveted fudge recipe.

And then next month I'm going to do a poll or something else instead, because I apparently can't keep up with even the simplest blogging responsibilities...


  1. Being a new follower is not an excuse for not knowing exactly what is required to compete. That’s on me. I'll have to search your blog and figure it out. Dangling a fudge recipe in front of me is just plain mean.

  2. Mmmm... fudge. Thank you for making me hungry.

  3. Genre blending...hmmm sounds interesting:)